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UPDATED: 5/7/05

ACE (Automated Commercial Environment)

ACE is the Customs / CBP computer system that is "a work in progress" and will replace the current ACS system. Since this is a large project, that involves a great deal of capital, and a number of government agencies, it is being phased in on a periodic basis. Presently ACE is open to importers, who feel that its benefits will be useful to their business and they meet the following criteria:
  • Importer must complete the ACE partnership agreement
  • Importer must have internet access
  • CBP has recently waived teh requirement, that an ACE applicent must be a C-TPAT member.

Benefits of Participation

At this time the two key benefits of ACE are periodic duty payments, and entry reports. However, as the system is enhanced, more benefits will become available to the trade.

Periodic Monthly Statement: This program allows importers to pay their customs duty on a monthly basis via the ACE portal.

Entry Reports: Enables the importer to generate various reports regarding their imports.

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