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UPDATED: 5/7/05


How was the classification of your merchandise determined?  Since it is the responsiblility of the importer to use the correct classification, you must be sure that your are doing so. Using the alphabetical index of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule is not sufficient. It is imperative to follow the guidelines set forth in the General Rules of Interpretation.  In addition, it is necessary to consult previous Customs rulings, and possibly request a binding ruling for your merchandise if there is any question as to the proper classification of your merchandise. However, using the services of a customs broker, DOES demonstrate that you have used reasonable care.

Classification Services

Our team of experts will research the classification of your merchandise and insure that you have been using the proper HTS number. Once we have a preliminary determination as to the proper classification, we will then begin to research previous customs rulings and cases that may have some influence upon the classification of your product. At this point if there is still some uncertainty, we will persue a binding ruling from Customs. For more information about binding rulings, please follow this link.

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