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UPDATED: 5/7/05


As a result of the horrific acts of 9/11 and the ongoing threat of terrorism in this country, the U.S. Customs service has changed its focus from facilitating international trade to combatting terrorism and protecting our borders.

Without losing sight of facilitating trade, Customs has adapted the C-TPAT program, which calls for participation by all of those involved in the internationl supply chain to assist in protecting our borders.

Presently the program is only open to importers. The application is available on the customs website or you can contact our office for additional information. Participation will result in the following benefits to importers:
  • Efficient Supply Chain
  • Reduced Inspections by Customs
  • Customs assigned account manager
  • C-TPAT Membership List
  • Account Based Processes (monthly duty payments)
  • Self Policing and Assessment

This program is gaining popularity and often being amended. Check back often for changes and updates.

Bill of lading required for Non-AMS shipment

Importer Benefits

Importer Security Criteria


The following documents are useful for your C-TPAT procedures, as well as distributing to all parties handling cargo.

7 Point Container Inspection

17 Point Tractor Inspection

Seal Inspection


1//07 Cambell & Gardiner Inc. Recieved C-TPAT Approval

4/12/07 Security Guidelines for Food Industry

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