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UPDATED: 5/7/05

C-TPAT Approval

Cambell & Gardiner Inc. is proud to announce that we have received C-TPAT certification from the Department of Customs & Border Protection.

C-TPAT stands for Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. Following the events of 9/11 customs developed this voluntary program along with key members of the trade community to help protect the supply chain.

Cambell & Gardiner has developed a security profile that meets the requirements of the Dept. of Customs & Border Protection. This includes screening of documents, customers, and business partners to insure they are equally committed to a secure supply chain and use processes that help promote security.

If you are an importer, you will be receiving recommendations on general and specific issues that we feel may pose a risk to the security of your cargo.

If you are a supplier of services, you will be receiving a security questionnaire regarding the measures taken by your company to insure the security of our shipments.

This includes but is not limited to:

Trucking Companies

Freight Forwarders, NVOCC

Warehouse Operators

Customs Brokers

Overseas Agents


If you are a C-TPAT particpant, you can find us on the Secure Potal (SVI)


If you have specific C-TPAT related questions or would like to request a security questionaire, please contact the program administrator at ctpat.

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