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UPDATED: 5/7/05


The U.S. Customs Service has implemented a program called Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). There are going to be ongoing changes in the import process as a result of this program. However, of particular concern to our bulk shipment clients is the change revealed in pipeline 02-012 of June 6, 2002.

Customs is conducting a closer scrutiny of the cargo release and entry process through the compliance measurement examination program. Effective immediately, filers should include a copy of the air waybill or bill of lading with all formal entries for importers who utilize non-AMS carriers or cargo that will be located at a non-AMS facility. The information on the Air Waybill or Bill of Lading is needed to identify the party with the right to make entry and will facilitate examinations, when necessary. Failure to provide these documents may cause delays in the examination process.

We recommend that when you notify us of a vessel arrival, that you provide us with a copy of the bill of lading. Advanced arrangements should be made with the shipper and the vessel agent to insure that a copy of the bill of lading is available at the time of entry. Should you have any questions, please contact our office.

Link to our C-TPAT homepage

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