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Federal Holiday Calendar 1/5/11

CBP Publishes Final Interim Rule on 10+2 12/18/2008

CPSC Certificate of Conformity Requirment 11/6/08

Mandatory use of AES 10/1/08

First Sale Reporting 8/20/08

10+2 Security Filings 1/9/08

Cambell & Gardiner receives ACE approval 5/14/07

Cambell & Gardiner Inc. C-TPAT Approval

Trade Bill Passed 12/06

GSP and ATPA set to Expire 11/06

C-TPAT Importer Update (9/28/06)

MID Numbers for Textile shipments (12/13/05)

Wood Packing Material Regulations (7/19/2005) update 12/12/05

Changes In Remote Location Filing Procedures (4/4/05)

Drawback Services (3/11/05)

Incease in APHIS User Fees (1/6/2005)

Changes in Textile VISA requirements (12/20/04)

Ultimate Consignee Reporting (10/20/04)

FDA Final Rule on Detention (6/7/04)

Trade Act of 2002 (bulk shipments) 2/16/04

December 26th, 2003 Declared a federal holiday (12/11/03)

Tips for compliance with new FDA regulations (12/3/03)

Documentation forms available online (10/18/03)

FDA issues final regulation for food imports (10/12/03)

Re-instatement of the MPF (10/2/03)

Expiration of the Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) (10/1/03)

Power outage in the New York metro area (8/15/03)

Amendments to FDA proposed changes (7/29/03)

Payments to Customs / CBP (7/23/03)

Online power of attorney form (6/24/03)

Problems with NVOCC House Bills of Lading (3/26/03)

Re-opening of U.S. Customs House at Bowling Green (3/26/03)

Change in Tonnage Tax rates 3/13/03

Blizzard on U.S. East Coast causes Customs to close (2/20/03)

Port Inland Distribution Network

Port Congestion @ New York / New Jersey Terminals

Proposed Changes in FDA procedures



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