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UPDATED: 5/7/05

Customs Update

September 24, 2001

We have been advised that following the destruction of the Customs office at 6 World Trade Center, the following measures are being taken: 
  • Customs personnel from 6 World Trade will temporarily be working at the Elizabeth, NJ office, pending the opening of a new office in Newark, NJ by the end of the year. 
  • Both Newark and JFK will become full-service ports.  With few exceptions, all activities will be performed at both ports. 
  • The New York CMC (including Strategic Trade and Regulatory Audit) and the National Import Specialists will be working out of a new facility at Penn Plaza in New York City. 


All protests, SIL's, Etc. can be filed at either Elizabeth or JFK.  Customs is presently reviewing a process that will enable the trade to query the status of protests filed prior to Sept. 11.  If the query shows the protest was physically in 6 WTC on Sept. 11, a reconstruction could be filed at Elizabeth or JFK.  If the query reveals the protest was out for review at another location it will be processed as normal. 


Applications can be filed at either location.  If a bond had been filed at 6 WTC prior to Sept. 11, a reconstruction can be submitted at either location 


The drawback section will ultimately be located in the Newark office. Customs is requesting that the trade refrain from filing reconstructions at this time.  Procedures for filing have not yet been announced. 

Warehouse Entries

All records have been destroyed.  Reconstructions should be made and filed at either location. 

Record Keeping

Two years worth of entry documents were lost.  It is recommended that all documents be retained at this time.  

New information about this situation is becoming readily available.  Please check back often for updates.  It is expected that Customs will issue new phone numbers and mailing addresses for key personnel shortly.

The following changes were implemented to Customs Procedures at a later date:
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