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UPDATED: 5/7/05

Entry Process

If you are viewing this page, chances are that you are a new importer, and are seeking guidance regarding the clearance of your freight. We hope that you find this information useful and that you will choose to use our services.

Prior to Arrival

If you are a new importer, it is important that we begin working with you prior to the arrival of your shipments to avoid any possible delays, and or additional charges. The first step is that we must obtain Power of Attorney from you as required by Customs Regulations. Then, we will assist you in determining what type of customs bond is right for you. We will also determine the proper classification and value to be used on the customs entry when the merchandies arrives. We will also discuss your needs for warehousing and or delivery.


In order for us to clear your shipment, we must have legible copies of the following documents:
  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Additional documents may be required depending on the nature of the merichandise.(i.e certificate of origin, TSCA Certification, Agriculture license, etc.)
It is recommended that you advise the shipper that we are your broker, and that they make us the Notify Party on the shipping documents and bill of loading. This will enable the carrier to contact us about the arrival of the freight.

Customs Release of Freight

At this point, we will begin the first step of the release process which is the preparation and filing of Customs Form (CF-3461). Upon approval by Customs, this document enables you to pick up your merchandies from the pier or airport. In most cases, we are able to recieve a paperless release from the Customs ABI system, if not a release is normally received by the next business day.

Caution: Customs may decide to examine your shipment. In this case it will take longer to recieve your cargo, and you will be responsible for the exam charges, which must be paid prior to the pick-up.

Duty Payment

The next step is the preparation of the CF 7501(Entry Summary). Using the valuation and classification that was determined earlier, this form indicates the amount of duty and fees that must be paid to Customs. (You have ten working days, from the date of release to file the CF7501 with the appropriate duty and fees). There are numerous methods that can be used to arrange this payment. You may chose to send us your check drawn to U.S. Customs, wire transfer the funds to our account, or pay by ACH.


This is the final step in the entry process. In this stage, Customs reviews all the paperwork submitted to them for accuracy. If they agree with the papework they will close out the entry. If for some reason they disagree, the may issue a refund or send a bill for additional duties or fees. For additional information please go to the liquidation section of this site.

Additional help can me found on ourFAQ page, or by contacting our office.

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