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UPDATED:1/9/2008 C-TPAT and ACE are Here

10+2 Security Filings

Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)

C-TPAT Approval

Trade Bill Signed (GSP Extended)

GSP and ATPDEA Expiration

Bahrian Free Trade Agreement

ImporterC-TPAT Update

Changes In Remote Location Filing Procedures (4/4/05)

Drawback Services

Incease in APHIS User Fees (1/6/2005)

Changes in Textile VISA requirements

Ultimate Consignee Reporting (10/20/04)

FDA Final Rule on Detention (6/7/04)

Trade Act of 2002 (bulk shipments) (2/16/04)

Cambell & Gardiner Inc. is a Licensed Customs House Broker and International Freight Forwarder that has been serving the trade community Since 1865.

We provide solutions to all of your international transportation and U.S. Customs needs. Whether you are a small first time importer or a large multi-national shipper, we can provide you with the assistance you need to create a seamless supply-chain.

Our site has been designed to not only guide you through the services we provide, but help you to answer many of the questions you may have about importing or exporting thru the United States. We realize some viewers may be new to international trade, therefore we have setup a special section to guide you through international shipping transactions.

We hope that you are able to gather the information you need from our site, and that you will be using our services in the future.

For your convenience we have now added an online rate request form.

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