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UPDATED: 5/7/05


  • Only through "DOCUMENTATION" can one be assured of a complete record of ownership and recorded mortgages for a particular vessel.
  • No number or name is required to be marked on the bow of a documented yacht, the NAME and HOME PORT need only be marked on the stern.  This makes for a more elegant appearance. Marking Requirements
  • Documented yachts are not required to be "cleared" through Customs when departing for a foreign port;  nor are they required to be "entered" when returning to a U.S. port from a foreign port.  A Report of Departure or Arrival may simply be made by phone to the nearest customs office.
  • Crew members employed on a documented vessel of the U.S. may be admitted to U.S. Public Health Service Hospitals in any port in the U.S. for treatment without charge.
  • Complete records for documented vessels, as to their tonnage, power, construction, etc., are obtained prior to documentation and kept by the Department of Transportation (U.S. Coast Guard).
 Requirements for Documentation

  • The owner whether individual or corporation must be a resident / citizen of the U.S.
  • The vessel must have a min. net ton requirement set by the Coast Guard.  Usually a boat must be over 26 Feet LOA to meet this requirement.
Glossary of terms

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