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UPDATED: 5/7/05

NVOCC House Bills Of Lading

Following many incidents, and upset clients, we feel it is necessary to address this issue.

Cambell & Gardiner does everything possible to expedite all clearances however we have been running into problems, where we are being given incorrect information from the NVOCC. This problem is a result of the 24 hour rule that went into effect on Feb. 2. This rule requires the NVOCC to file their date with Customs (AMS system) using the House Bill of Lading instead of the Master Bill of Lading. In addition, Customs has instructed brokers that entry needs to be made showing the House Bill as the Master Bill. These problems are created when an NVOCC issues an arrival notice showing the carriers bill of lading as the master bill of lading. We have adapted a policy of confirming this information with the NVOCC prior to filing the customs entry. However, we find out after the entry has been filed that the incorrect bill of lading number has been used. There is no way for us to tell if the correct bill of lading number is used, this responsibility falls on the NVOCC and the carrier. It is not a big deal for us to amend the bill of lading number by doing a bill of lading update with Customs once we have the correct information.

We are asking our clients to be understanding during this transition phase, and take the necessary measure to insure that their NVOCC is using the correct procedures to report their date to Customs and their broker.

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