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UPDATED: 5/7/05

Protests (CF 19)

19 CFR. Chapter 1, Part 174
Protests against the Port Director shall be filed in quadruplicate on form CF-19 or any form clearly labeled protest setting forth the same content in its entirety, in the same order, addressed to the Port Director.

The following matters are subject to protest:
  • The appraisement value of merchandise.
  • The classification and rate and amount of duties chargeable.
  • All charges or exactions of whatever character within the jurisdiction of the secretary of the treasury.
  • The exclusion of merchandise from entry or delivery under the provisions of the Customs laws.
  • The liquidation or re-liquidation of an entry.
  • The refusal to pay a claim for drawback.
  • The refusal to re-liquidate an entry.
A protest can be filed by any of the following parties:
  1. The importer or consignee shown on the entry papers.
  2. Any person paying any charges or exactions.
  3. Any person seeking entry or delivery.
  4. Any person filing a claim for drawback.
  5. With respect to the determination of origin under subpart G of part 181 of this chapter, any exporter or producer of the merchandise subject to that determination, if the exporter or producer completer and signed a certificate of origin covering the merchandise.
  6. Any authorized agent of the persons described in articles 1 thru 5.

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