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UPDATED: 5/7/05

Labor Lock-out at West Coast Ports

Entry procedures for merchandise affected by strike (10/9/02)

Strike is over, and the long recovery will begin (10/9/02)

President has filed injunction (10/8/02)

Lock-out could be over soon (10/8/02)

The first step of a Government intervention (10/7/02)

Release status during work stoppage (10/7/02)

Labor talks end the weekend, with no solution in sight (10/7/02)

PMA and ILWU agree to meet with a federal mediator (10/3/02)

Shippers ask the White House to intervene (10/2/02)

West Coast Ports remain Closed (10/1/02)

West Coast Ports Closed due to ILWU Strike (9/30/02)

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